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Eloise Smith
Allen Barnes

CEO & Co-founder

Charles Mann

CSO & Co-founder

Lever Stewart

COO & Co-founder

Sreekanth GongalaReddy


About Indushield

Why we do what we do

At Indushield, we have one critical mission – to provide a Staff and Visitor management system that allows our industrial partners to operate safely and efficiently, controlling the risks that they confront each day as employees, contractors, vendors, and visitors enter and exit their facilities. To achieve that mission, our Indushield team built a simple-to-use system that helps our partners manage a rapidly changing, increasingly complex environment.

Our roots are in manufacturing. Two of our founders, Allen Barnes and Lever Stewart, spent the first 20 years of their careers in manufacturing and industrial environments as CEOs and, in one case, as General Counsel. Along the way, in 2013, both jumped off the industrial bandwagon and built a healthcare-based staff and visitor management system, Accushield, that has been the dominant system in the senior living industry since its founding. Following the success of Accushield, both Allen and Lever were eager to apply what they learned at Accushield to the manufacturing and industrial world and worked with their team to create Indushield.

US industry, particularly manufacturing, is built on managing assets and processes. Manufacturers control raw materials that enter the plant, work-in-process that is processed in the plant, and finished product that is shipped from the plant. Tools to control these assets and processes have been developed over many years to deliver safe, efficient, and profitable results.

Over the past decade, manufacturers have begun to control additional assets that enter and exit their plants – employees, contractors, vendors, and visitors. Without controlling these assets, manufacturers have discovered that they are vulnerable to a wide range of risks that can be even more damaging than a less-than-quality product. Those risks range from theft of trade secrets to infectious disease control to lack of safety training documentation to contractor issues … and more.

That’s where Indushield comes in. From Health Screening to Credential and Attestation Management to Evacuation Tools to Contractor Timekeeping to Required Reporting, Indushield provides an effective Staff and Visitor Management tool to meet the challenges industrial facilities face. The system is easy to set up and simple to use and is backed by the industry’s best customer service.

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