COVID-19 sign-in and screening kiosk designed to protect employees, customers, and facilities

COVID-19 Screening Solution

Our health + safety screening kiosk uses touchless temperature scanning and 6 other proven health screening best practices. We have combined them into one, plug-and-play kiosk solution. Most importantly: we focus on keeping your business safe, so you can keep business operations healthy.



Require staff, visitors, and third-party vendors to complete a customizable health screening questionnaire. Consequently, this helps safeguard your facility from anyone who may be experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19.

Informed consent form

Protect your business by having staff, visitors, and third-party vendors complete a customizable consent form. First, they will acknowledge that they are aware of the risk of exposure. Secondly,  that they agree to abide by your company’s health and safety guidelines.

integrated thermometer

Fever is the #1 indicator of an infection and while COVID-19 may be a risk to business operations, so are other viruses. So protecting your staff, visitors, and business operations by incorporating our touchless thermometer mitigates exposure to viruses of all kinds.

Vaccine + COVID-19 Test Verification

Staff, visitors, and third-party vendors can upload proof of a vaccine or negative COVID-19 test for management to review.

SafecheckN Mobile

With SafecheckN Mobile, use your smartphone to begin the sign-in process before you even walk into the facility. Pre-answer health screening questions and generate a QR code to scan at the kiosk for faster, contactless sign in.

screening alerts

Receive immediate text notifications and email alerts based on the criteria you determine for specific individuals, health screening results, and other areas of concern.

contact tracing

Help eliminate the spread of viruses by knowing who has been in your facility, when they were there, and who they were there to visit and likely come in contact with should an outbreak occur.

visitor limits

Enhance your social distancing measures by setting visitor limits through the Indushield kiosk.

health verified name badge

Give employees and visitors peace-of-mind while creating a culture of safety with our health verified name badged. Make security and safety easier by providing visible confirmation of sign-in and health-screening compliance.

Integrated Touchless Thermometer

Integrated Touchless Thermometer

The Indushield thermometer instantly detects the body temperature of the person signing in. Then, it automatically passes the measurement to the kiosk during the sign-in process.

Vaccine Tracking + Test Verification

Vaccine Tracking + Test Verification

The Indushield system instantly tracks and verifies COVID-19 vaccine completion. Additionally, our system can verify recent COVID-19 test results.

Daily Health Screening

Daily Health Screening

Ensure the health safety of everyone entering your facility with a daily health screening protocol that includes temperature scan, screening questionnaire, vaccination/negative test result requirements, health consent forms, and complete reporting of all kiosk activity.

Health Screening Reporting

Health Screening Reporting COVID-19


Information is power and with our system, you have all the information you need to help prevent the spread of infection in your business. From company policies, to document completion, to visitor sign-in, temperature records, and more -- you will be armed with the information you need to keep your employees safe and your business healthy.

The Indushield Staff and Visitor Safety Sign-in Solution

COVID-19 Vaccination + Test Verification (NEW)

Management can require proof of a clear COVID-19 test result or vaccine before allowing a person to use the kiosk.

Set Visitor Capacity Limits

A facility can set a human capacity limit using the kiosk system. Consequently, if the person signing in reaches the capacity limit, facility management and the individual signing in will be notified.

Digital Agreements + Document Collection 

Use the app to require the user to accept a digital agreement. After the document is accepted, it will then be stored and accessible by management. The sign-in process will not be complete until the required document is agreed to.

Custom Screening Questionnaire

Create a screening questionnaire, customizable to sign-in type, that all staff members, guests, and vendors can answer using the mobile app.

Consent Form Acknowledgement

Require individuals using the app to accept an Informed Consent Form first acknowledging that they are aware of the risks of exposure to COVID-19 and secondly that they will follow the requirements set by the facility.

Schedule a Visit

Control capacity limits while maintaining social distancing by allowing app users to pre-schedule their visit in advance.

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