COVID-19 sign-in and screening kiosk designed to protect employees, customers, and facilities

Managing Reporting for Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Simplifying safety goes beyond the sign-in process. Be prepared for an audit, have the data you need to make executive decisions, and track safety requirements all from your executive reporting dashboard.


Protect your business operations and impress shareholders with real-time data on all employee and visitor temperature screening.

Employee Sign In and Out Log

Capture employee sign-in and sign-out information with the SafecheckN kiosk. Create a culture of safety and wellness by having employees complete the health screening sign in process at the beginning of each work day.

Company Policies

Capture information necessary to ensure direct access to everyone who completes and agrees to your company’s specific policies and procedures.

Industry-Specific Safety Documents

Have visitors and contractors complete and/or upload specific safety documents during sign-in and sign-out. Easily capture necessary information for OSHA safety incident reports and other industry-specific documents, streamlining and simplifying safety document management.

Guest Sign In and Out

View sign-in and out information with a real-time activity feed, in addition to historical, time-stamped information on sign-in and out.

Custom Questionnaire responses

Quickly and easily view and export the responses to your customized health + safety screening questionnaire..

Safety Reporting

Have employees, visitors, contractors and third-party vendors answer specific safety questions and easily export that information to meet your company’s specific needs.

Evacuation Management

Have immediate access to rosters all staff and visitors in your building in the event of an emergency.

Reporting. Simplified.

The Indushield system gives you direct access to your data in a simple, user-friendly format. From COVID-19 to compliance, to company policies and beyond – you can focus on driving your business forward with simplified reporting and data at your fingertips.

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Audit Ready

With all the information you need just a few clicks away, you can rest easy that our reporting dashboard has your back when faced with an audit.

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Safely Secured

We know how important safety is to you, and that means securing your data safely.

Staff + Visitor Safety and Health Screening Solution.

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