COVID-19 sign-in and screening kiosk designed to protect employees, customers, and facilities

Medical-grade, Touchless Integrated Thermometer.

Did you know that fever is the #1 indicator of illness? Protect your company with fewer sick days, fewer virus outbreaks, and more time moving your business operations forward.

Touchless Temperature Scan

Fever is the #1 indicator of infection. The Indushield Integrated Touchless Thermometer instantly detects the body temperature of the person signing in and automatically passes the measurement to the kiosk during the sign-in process. 

Fewer sick days, fewer viral outbreaks mean a safer, healthier, and happier workforce focused on driving your business operations forward.

medical grade thermometer

Our infrared medical grade thermometer, made by the same manufacturers used by hospitals, are seamlessly integrated into our sign in kiosk — simplifying the screening process and eliminating additional personnel presence needed.


Trusted by hospitals and healthcare facilities, our medical-grade thermometer reads within a 0.5+/- , giving you quality data to make informed decisions while instantly protecting your facility from infection.


Mitigate the risk of exposure with our fully automated and touchless thermometer and eliminate the need for personnel administering fever checks.



The Indushield Integrated Touchless Thermometer instantly detects the body temperature of the person signing in and automatically passes the measurement to the kiosk during the sign-in process.

The Indushield Staff and Visitor Safety Sign-in Solution

COVID-19 Vaccination + Test Verification (NEW)

Management can require proof of a clear COVID-19 test result or vaccine before allowing a person to use the kiosk.

Set Visitor Capacity Limits

A facility can set a human capacity limit using the kiosk system. Consequently, if the person signing in reaches the capacity limit, facility management and the individual signing in will be notified.

Digital Agreements + Document Collection 

Use the app to require the user to accept a digital agreement. After the document is accepted, it will then be stored and accessible by management. The sign-in process will not be complete until the required document is agreed to.

Custom Screening Questionnaire

Create a screening questionnaire, customizable to sign-in type, that all staff members, guests, and vendors can answer using the mobile app.

Consent Form Acknowledgement

Require individuals using the app to accept an Informed Consent Form first acknowledging that they are aware of the risks of exposure to COVID-19 and secondly that they will follow the requirements set by the facility.

Schedule a Visit

Control capacity limits while maintaining social distancing by allowing app users to pre-schedule their visit in advance.

Staff + Visitor Safety and Health Screening Solution.

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