COVID-19 sign-in and screening kiosk designed to protect employees, customers, and facilities

A message from our Founder

Allen Barnes, CEO + Co-Founder

Welcome to Indushield!


After 20-plus years of running manufacturing companies for private equity sponsors and individual owners, in 2013 I took a different path – co-founding a company targeting Staff and Visitor management in senior living. Our goal in founding the company was clear: to enhance safety and security for senior living residents and the staff members who take care of them. We did this by introducing the first digital visitor management system in senior living via a touchscreen kiosk and supporting software. Today, our company, Accushield, is the dominant player in an industry where critical components of resident and staff safety, customer service, and regulatory compliance are dependent upon our system.


Well it’s funny how things come full-circle. I am back now in my familiar space – manufacturing – with the same objective: to enhance safety and security for the employees, contractors, vendors, and visitors who enter and exit manufacturing plants and other industrial facilities. How? By providing the best staff and visitor management system available. The first lesson I learned in manufacturing was that Safety was the #1, #2, and #3 priority. Nothing else matters if your plant environment is unsafe. In our industrial facilities, safety has been a foundational, core cultural element for the last 50 years.


Yet as the world changes, the factors impacting safety change as well. That is where Indushield comes in. Much as we found in senior living, the tools to manage many of these changing factors in the manufacturing and industrial world have not kept pace with the need to manage them. There is more complex compliance, attestation, confidentiality, and other documentation that needs to be submitted and verified. Safety training and other certifications need to be tracked not only for employees, but also for contractors, vendors, and others who enter the facility. Infection management, accentuated by the COVID-19 pandemic, necessitates health screening and the tracking of testing and vaccine compliance. The list goes on and on – and will continue to present new challenges as time moves forward.


At Indushield, we are passionate about our role in helping our manufacturing and industrial partners manage safety via our Staff and Visitor management system. We have developed a robust system that provides tools that are able to handle the complex challenges our customers face yet are simple to use. We are committed to working with our industry partners to keep ahead of the ever-changing safety needs and providing premier customer support to their teams.


                             Join with us today as partners in our mission to promote the safety and security in your facility!



                               Allen Barnes