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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use my own tablet or hardware?

No. An Indushield touch-screen kiosk designed for visitor management with an integrated thermometer and badge printer is required to access all safety features.

Unlike other providers, we offer a custom tablet designed to be on 24/7 and 365 days a year; iPad and other over-the-counter tablets are not designed to be on all the time and will dramatically shorten the life expectancy.

Is there a limited number of guests or employees that can be scanned?
No. There is no limit to the number of client and staff accounts created or records stored.
Can the check-in health screening be tailored to who is checking in?

Yes. Having the flexibility to request different screening questions based on who’s checking in (customer, employee, vendor, etc.) can help speed up and simplify the process. Temperature scans can also be customized. For example, employers may want to scan the temperatures of departing staff members but not clients.

How quickly can we install Indushield?

The devices are shipped usually within two days of payment.

Can health-screening questions and waivers be modified?

Yes. Customizing, adding, or removing certain health-screening questions or waivers can be changed quickly from the dashboard. The revisions will reflect instantly on the Indushield kiosk.

Can the kiosk record the time of check out and departing body temperatures?
Yes. The kiosk has the capability to request the departure time of clients or staff and also scan body temperature at this time, if desired.
Is a multilingual version of the kiosk available?
Yes. The kiosk has a multilingual option to increase customer satisfaction.
How should the kiosk be cleaned?
The industrial-grade kiosk can be wiped down with antibacterial and bleach products.
Does Indushield offer customer support?

Yes. Indushield prides itself on offering world-class training and live technical support. A full library of online instructions and videos are also available for training or adding new features.

Hardware Issues: We will replace within 1-3 days.

Hardware Support: 365 days a year tech support from 8:00am – 8:00pm Eastern; after-hours support via email.


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