COVID-19 sign-in and screening kiosk designed to protect employees, customers, and facilities

Simplified Staff + Visitor Management

Streamline the sign-in process with our simplified, proven approach that is customizable to meet your needs.

Staff Screening
Customizable to fit your business needs
Temp Employees
Guests + Returning Visitors
Group Screening + Event Attendees
Screening + Safety. Simplified.

The Indushield solution takes a holistic approach to the health screening process. Because of this, we allow you to customize our system to fit your business operations needs.

From customizable screening solutions to extensive reporting, our team has been helping thousands of companies across the US and Canada keep their workforce and their business operations healthy.

Employee Sign In

Employees can sign in and complete a company health screening questionnaire, have their temperature recorded, and accept company consent forms.


Guests can complete the entire sign-in process from our app or kiosk. This includes first the health screening questionnaire, secondly a temperature recording, and finally the completion of company-specific legal documents and consent forms prior to entering your facility.


Create custom screening requirements for contractors and third-party vendors. You can require them to go through the health screening process while also completing, or verifying, specific safety documents and credentials.

Event Attendees

Host events safely and confidently by having all event attendees complete your specific health-safety screening process. You have the ability to customize the sign-in process per event. Know who attended your events with our reporting options and store contact information for future events and marketing needs.

Custom Visitor Type

Our simplified, customizable solution makes it easy for you to determine specific visitor types and set the sign-in process accordingly. Speak with one of our team members today to learn more about unique ways our system can meet your visitor sign-in needs.

Returning Visitors

With our smart sign in, the Indushield system automatically recognizes returning visitors and who they previously visited within your organization.


Have custom event sign in and allow group sign in via the dashboard prior to your event. Additionally, visitors also have the ability to add a "plus 1" during the sign-in process.

The Indushield Staff and Visitor Safety Sign-in Solution

COVID-19 Vaccination + Test Verification (NEW)

Management can require proof of a clear COVID-19 test result or vaccine before allowing a person to use the kiosk.

Set Visitor Capacity Limits

A facility can set a human capacity limit using the kiosk system. Consequently, if the person signing in reaches the capacity limit, facility management and the individual signing in will be notified.

Digital Agreements + Document Collection 

Use the app to require the user to accept a digital agreement. After the document is accepted, it will then be stored and accessible by management. The sign-in process will not be complete until the required document is agreed to.

Custom Screening Questionnaire

Create a screening questionnaire, customizable to sign-in type, that all staff members, guests, and vendors can answer using the mobile app.

Consent Form Acknowledgement

Require individuals using the app to accept an Informed Consent Form first acknowledging that they are aware of the risks of exposure to COVID-19 and secondly that they will follow the requirements set by the facility.

Schedule a Visit

Control capacity limits while maintaining social distancing by allowing app users to pre-schedule their visit in advance.

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