COVID-19 sign-in and screening kiosk designed to protect employees, customers, and facilities

Indushield Mobile App

Streamline the employee + visitor sign in process while mitigating the risk of exposure with the Indushield Mobile App.

Touchless sign in

Staff, visitors, and third-party vendors can quickly sign in, completely contactless, through a personal QR code upon arrival.

answer screening questionnaire

Keep safety and security at the forefront of the sign in process with a customizable health + safety screening questionnaire, completed directly in the Indushield Mobile App.

customizable Consent Forms

Protect your business by having staff, visitors, and third-party vendors complete a customizable consent form acknowledging the risk of exposure and agreeing to abide by company health + safety policies.

customizable safety documents

Utilize the ability to incorporate your own safety documents into the sign-in process to account for additional safety protocols at your facility.

covid-19 vaccine + test verification

Staff, visitors, and third-party vendors can easily upload COVID-19 test results and vaccine documentation for seamless verification.

visitor management + scheduling

Visitors and third-party vendors can schedule their visits directly through the Indushield mobile app.

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